“I think I’m ugly
And no body wants to love me
Just like her I want to be pretty
Don’t lie to my face, telling me I’m pretty”
— 2ne1 -ugly
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I hate it when my mom talks to me about my depression. I hate the word and I never want to label how I feel because as soon as I label it. I suddenly have this huge problem that I just can’t cure because my entire life I’ve had this disease and what my mom doesn’t realize is that she IS the problem. Calling me a “fat ass” all the time and telling me I’m useless daughtor who needs to get out. I’m just like ok. Thank you for telling me you love me and have a grate day T work. No all day I wake up drive to work have a horrible day cause no one likes me there and then I come home and get on tumblr and look at the tag self hate and maybe sometimes cry but that is it. I have no life because I refuse to have one. I will just disappoint everyone and even this guy at work who I’m friends with always talks about how he hates fat girls and he’s fat himself he says so many rude things to be about fat people I’m like wooooooooow fuck you . And alls he has to do is change this one lol aspect and he could have a gf because he’s not bad looking and he knows how to treat a girl he’s just too picky on who he dates. And I for one am not… I just want one person to look at me and think ” she’s amazing” cuz I know I’m both ugly on the outside and the inside. I just want one person to think that I’m beautiful and believe in me. I have given up that someone could ever truly love me because of how I am. I even look forward to dieting because I am going no where in life . I just wish that someone could understand what I’m going through. To sum it all up. Both my parents hate me, my siblings ignore me and refuse to hang out with me or associate with me outside of family functions , and all my bf have only wanted 1 thing out of me that I just can’t give away because that is the only thing that has made me good. My only real friend is someone who lives 3 hours away because my mom kidnapped me to get money from the government and I let her because at least ill be of some use. To sum it up….I hate me

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//someone stop me…

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I don’t want a lot this Christmas
There is just one thing I need
I don’t care about the presents
Underneath the Christmas tree
No I just want you for my own
More then you could ever know
Make my with come true
Oh all I want for Christmas

Is food!!!!!!!!! Yeah yeah

— Meh
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Merry Xmas from Hell!

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My future

I went to the doctor to find out why I haven’t had my period for 7 months and since I’m a virgin I didn’t know what it was. Well turns out I have something called PCOS or something along that haha. So basically what that means I can’t have kids, or it’s nearly impossible for me to have them. I have 1 overly large ovary so the eggs can’t get out. At least that’s how I summed it all up as its a lot more complicated then that. Well alls I know is that on top of me being ugly and fat and not a hint of personality I can’t even do the one thing I was born to do. Make life. No guy will ever want me now. I just wish that I could do one thing that will give me some sort of reason for a guy to like me, but I guess that’s almost impossible to . Oh well I’m gonna go wollow in self pity now

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Good crowd, tonight

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How much can I pay a random stranger to come kill me? I’ve been depressed lately (actually 17 years to be exact and I’m 19 now for a little hint) and no one has known yet but I’ve been living every day just hoping the next day will be better… but I’m all out of hope so now I’ve sunken as low as waiting money ony own death

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Hehe, seeing the forest for the trees. Don’t worry MC, Josh is good in your hands.


My mother bought me a $25 Itunes giftcard yesterday…I already know that entire card will be used to buy all 6 men in BMP.

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